About Me

Hi friends! I’m Alison. I am a Georgia girl, currently living in the quaint town of Carrollton.  I am a wife, mom, business owner, follower of Christ, and a total girly girl! I am married to Josh, and together we have a daughter, Julliette, a son, Jameson, one dog and two birds. My husband, children and our dog, Lola. are the greatest blessings from God, and the birds…well, they were gifts from the grandparents.  But I digress.

I have always loved fashion, hot pink, high heels, and lipstick – in that order! I went to college to be a teacher, but when I had my daughter, my desire was to stay home with her.  After a couple of failed business ventures and the birth of my son, I started selling clothes online.  Soon after, Jules & James Boutique was launched.

My favorite thing is when women, who started as customers, become friends.  They have told me they love that I’m real. That is why this blog was created.

The Love, Alison blog was started in 2019 as a place to be real together, to be messy together, and most importantly, to learn together. It was started for every woman, in any walk of life.  I will show you what I’ve learned, anywhere from makeup tips to outfit styling. I will try recipes for you, and let you know if you should try it too. I will share what my family is up to, because who doesn’t love to look at cute kids?  I will share what I am learning in my spiritual walk.  

I am so excited to have you here!  Let’s share ideas, get messy together, laugh at our failed attempts, and at the end of the day…celebrate that we tried. 

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