Let the Worshipers Arise

Worship. What does that word mean to us, living in 2020? Some use the word loosely, saying they worship material things, or a movie, or someone famous. Even if they don’t say the word, how many times do our actions indicate that we worship something?

What is worship to you?

This morning, I am thinking about worship. I am here in Vegas, on a shopping trip, and it’s early. My body is still on East Coast time. I woke up with a song in my head and in my heart, and I just had a moment of purely worshiping my Father.

Worship to me is so important. Truly worshiping the Lord, with my heart completely surrendered to Him, is when I feel most complete. I can go through my daily routine of work, family, church, and life, and end the day feeling like something is missing. I have an incredible family, a beautiful home, and I love, love, love my job. God has blessed me with all of those things. But those things that God gave me are not the source of my joy. Only HE can be the source of my joy. And my completeness.

Think about a parent that gives their child a gift. Before the gift, the child loved playing with the parent, snuggling up on the couch, and just spending time together. After the child receives the gift they’d been wanting, then suddenly all they want to do is play with the gift…and the source of the gift is brushed aside. As the parent, you think, wait! If you would still be with me, I could give you more gifts! But you’ve forgotten about me!

Friend, we do that very thing to God time and again. He gives us so many wonderful gifts, and instead of worshiping and thanking the source of the gift, we end up worshiping the gift instead.

When I am in church, I love the worship time. I connect to music, although worship doesn’t have to be through music. But when I am in that moment of my heart being completely open to Him, my mind totally focused on Him, and nothing else, I am so whole in that moment. That’s what is missing at other times in my life! That’s why I don’t always feel complete! Because when I am all HIS, is when I am who I am supposed to be.

We all get so bogged down with what other people think of us. We compare ourselves. We rate ourselves. And what we’re comparing ourselves to is usually a lie. It might be photo shopped, or it might be an illusion someone has created for us on social media. If we live in the cycle of comparison, I guarantee you, sister, that will steal your joy.

What if we worshiped God with the same vigor, the same amount of time, the same focus, as we do in our comparison? Or our worry? Or scrolling through social media? How would our hearts and minds and souls be different?

If you feel like something is missing, like you can’t get yourself together, instead of turning to another person to build you up, or alcohol to dull the pain, or social media to do some mindless scrolling, or food because it’s comforting, or even a self-help book, my dear friend…WORSHIP! I know life is hard, and you might be in the valley right now, and you might not FEEL like worshiping. But do it anyway.

When you start to surrender to our Lord, He will do something amazing. But He won’t do it until you start praising Him and until you open yourself up to Him.

The amazing, miraculous thing He does is soften your heart, and will fill your soul up to the brim, if not overflowing. You will feel whole, no matter what circumstance you’re facing today. We (I include myself in this) have to stop looking to our spouses, our kids, our jobs, our physical appearance, to fill us up. When we look to other people to make US feel good, we put a pressure on them that (1) is unfair to them, and (2) they are not equipped to handle.

The ONLY One that can give us what we need is my Father, my God, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. And one of the ways He has given us to connect with Him is WORSHIP.

So what is worship to you? Is it best known through music for you? Is it prayer? Is it reading His Word? Is it writing? Is it drawing, or painting, or dancing, or just being still and giving yourself to Him?

Worship Him today. Surrender to Him now. Turn up that praise music, and even if you’re grouchy, sad, or hurting, spend some time in true worship.

John 4:23-24 “But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship Him. God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” (ESV)


  • If I’m being honest, I have deleted some ‘Love, Allison’ emails because I didn’t have time to read them. Today, I was laying here checking my emails listening to my worship music. I had just completed my scripture reading (Bible in one year – nope, not on track, but still reading!). Opened your email and read it. It’s everything I needed! Thank you for being real. That’s who we are 🤷🏼‍♀️. We are the ones you described in this post. I love worshipping thru music! Raising my hands! 🙌🏻 Falling to Him! He is Our Father and I’m so thankful for him and friends like you who remind me where I need to be in my spiritual walk. Your Sister in Christ, Donna

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