Word for 2020: Community

I don’t usually have a word for the year, and I don’t usually make resolutions. But this year, something is different. I honestly feel led by God to have a word for 2020, both personally and for my business.

When I started selling clothes online, it was selling to my friends and people I knew. As the group grew, I started selling to people I had never met. I consider these people more than just “customers.” I consider them to be a friend!

As I think about what sets Jules & James Boutique apart from any other boutique, the word that comes to my mind is COMMUNITY. My desire and my heart is to build a community around a love for fashion and beauty! More than that, I want women to make new friends, to have someone to call when they’re down, to be able to help each other, and I would love for them to have met each other through Jules & James!

As I look to the new year, I am really going to build everything I do for the business around Community. Be watching for more ways to connect, not only with me but with other Jules & James friends. I am thinking of book clubs, events in a city near you, social media groups where we can connect, live videos, and more!

We need each other! Let’s keep building our COMMUNITY (with some shopping in there, too!)

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