A Passion for Fashion

I am so honored to have been chosen by Wells Fargo to be featured in their Business to Business stories!

Recently, we were contacted by a Wells Fargo representative. They asked if they could come shoot some footage in our warehouse and store for a video and article on their website. Without hesitation, I said yes! I wasn’t sure exactly what it would entail, but we have such a good relationship with our bank, I knew it would be a good experience.

The very first checking account I ever opened was with Wells Fargo. I was in high school at the time. I have always banked with them, so when I started my business, it made sense to continue with them. We’ve had the best customer service, and they are always there to help us with anything we might need!

When they came to shoot the footage, they spent a whole day and a half with us in our warehouse, store, and at my house. It’s crazy that they filmed so much for a short 3 minute video! They wanted to see all different aspects of our business, and they wanted to highlight the relationship between me and Leah.

We had a long conversation for the video, and not everything we said made it in. One thing we talked about that didn’t make the cut was our faith, and how we give God the glory for the success of the business. Although I was a bit disappointed that didn’t make it in the final cut, overall I was happy with the way it turned out! I think they did a great job of showcasing our love of fashion!

If you didn’t watch it yet, I included the link! Take a look, and let me know what you think! Wells Fargo Stories

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