My FIRST Holiday Gift Guide!

It’s HERE! Well, it’s almost here! Whether you are a person that starts being merry before Thanksgiving, or you are a die hard believer in “it must wait until after the big meal,” you cannot deny that Christmas is right around the corner! I, for one, could not be any happier! When I decided to start a blog, one of the posts that I was most excited about was THIS ONE! My very first HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE!!

I am going to share with you all of my FAVORITE things to buy at Christmas, and even some things I will be buying this year! I know you all remember Oprah’s Favorite Things, right? The one where she would show what she loved from that year, and everyone in the entire audience got whatever it was?! I SO wish I could do that for you! Maybe someday, I can pull that off!

Until then, I have included in this list my very favorite gift ideas for 2019! I put in links to the items so you can find them yourselves and shop online! How easy is that? Have it shipped directly to your door, girl, and sit back, relax, and catch that Hallmark Christmas movie you’ve been dying to watch.

Check out the list below for a link to my fav joggers I am wearing!

Alright, friends, are you ready to get your shop on? Here is my official 2019 Holiday Gift Guide!

  • Pottery Barn Bathrobe – I got this a couple of years ago as a gift, and I LIVE in it for several months out of the year! If you happen to be at my house past 7pm anywhere from October to March, chances are I’ll be in my joggers, J and J sweatshirt, annnnd this robe! I have it in gray, but it comes in white, too! There are several different options at Pottery Barn, and different price points. The key to any robe is the fluffier, the better! A good, fluffy robe is the perfect gift for a grandmother, a mom, your sister, or your bestie! And make sure you share this post with your hubby or boyfriend so he can get it for you, too!
  • Pottery Barn Slippers – Along the same lines as the Pottery Barn Bathrobe are the Pottery Barn slippers! They are completely dreamy. I feel like I’m walking on air, they are so soft and luxurious. They come in a variety of colors, but I recommend getting them to match the robe if you’re getting both. The Faux Fur slippers that I linked above are my very favorite!
  • Knit Throw Blanket from Pin It Co. – If you’ve been following me at all, you know that my whole house is decorated with Pin It Co accessories and accents. They have the cutest style for homes, and their quality is top notch. Check out their website to see the options for a Knit Throw blanket! I also love this one from Target – it’s a chunky knit with tassels that I think is adorable!
  • Candle – When it comes to gifts for teachers, a favorite of mine to give is a candle. And I am absolutely in LOVE with the Hearth & Hand candles from Target! They come in the cutest little metal container with a pewter finish. It will make such a cute home decoration, and the smell is heavenly! It will have their whole house smelling so cozy. Candles can check so many people off your list: your co-worker, your tennis group, your personal trainer, your babysitter, your nail tech, your hairstylist, your sister, your mom…the list goes on and on!
  • Leather Earrings – One trend I’ve been obsessing over this year is leather earrings – and it looks like they’re here to stay for 2020, too! We have some at J and J that I love! The Lizzie earrings are still available in olive and burgundy, both extremely versatile colors!
  • Themed Gift – Do you have loved ones in your life that you buy for at every holiday, every birthday, and sometimes holidays in between? It can be a challenge to think of something fresh and new at every occasion. For my sisters, I stick with the same “theme” every Christmas. I always buy them lounge wear! I figure they can always use it, no matter where they’re living or what stage of life they’re in, and don’t all girls love to be comfy? We have some super cute lounge wear at Jules & James this winter.
  • Check out my favorite lounge wear top here! This top doubles as a “going out” top, too! It’s sooo cozy & comfy that you’ll want one for yourself, too. It has an easy fit for a Netflix & chill date, but is cute enough to pair with jeans for a day of running errands.
  • My very favorite joggers are here for a Black Friday price! Bonus: they match the top linked above! I sleep in these every night during the colder months. They will keep you warm but not too toasty overnight, and they are super soft! You’ll want to live in them, so buy one for a friend and for yourself! The price on these is amazing, too!
  • My Favorite Scents – another awesome gift idea for you or someone you love is perfume! I feel so much more confident when I smell pretty. It’s not just about smelling good… I like to smell feminine and attractive! My two favorite perfumes are:
  • Night time: Saint Laurent Perfume – this is a floral scent that exudes passion and femininity.
  • Day time: Coach floral – this combines fruity and floral scents for a feminine combination.
  • Jules & James Boutique Gift Card: For any woman on your list, this will be the PERFECT gift! Let them pick out their favorites with a gift card! You can buy them on the app or through our website, or simply follow the link above!
  • Initial Necklace: this initial necklace is one I bought for my sisters, my sister-in-law, and my friends! It’s an awesome stocking stuffer, and for the low price, you’ll be able to get one for every girl on your list!
  • You can shop on the Jules & James Boutique app or on the website at any time! You don’t have to shop through Facebook. Shop online 24/7 and score the hottest boutique deals you’ll find anywhere! Click here to shop our website and download our app today in the app store!

So there you have it, girl! My favorite gifts for 2019! What are you buying this year? Are you done with your shopping, or just getting started? Tell me what you’re most excited to give this Christmas season!

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