Hosting Overnight Guests: My Top 5 Hacks

With Thanksgiving coming up faster than we can say lickety split, I am constantly thinking of ways to make my overnight guests feel at home. Josh and I love having people over, and if they spend the night, we are even happier! I mentioned in my previous blog post, Easy Thanksgiving Sides with Nana, that my grandparents are staying with us temporarily. I have truly loved every minute they’ve been with us. and I will be sad when they have to leave.

I believe in making guests feel totally at home. I do try to have a clean house, but I really don’t stress if it’s not 100% perfect. I mean, we do LIVE here after all! I have two small kids, one large dog, and two little birdies, so there is always a good amount of chaos at my house. Anyone who stays with me has to be okay with a little bit of craziness along the way!

I know you are probably getting ready to host some guests at your house for Thanksgiving. My main advice is to not stress if it’s not as perfect as you want it! I have found that people are just grateful to spend time with you. They don’t need anything super fancy.

There are a few inexpensive things you can do to make your guests feel at home. You definitely don’t have to spend a ton of money! Just having a few extra things on hand for your guests will be a personal touch.

There are a few things I love to do for my guests. I wanted to share with with you in case you want to try them!

Have Overnight Necessities Easily Accessible

I make sure the essentials like towels, washcloths, hand towels and extra toilet paper are in sight so my guests don’t have to ask for them. I love a good, fluffy white towel, so I make sure I have them on hand all the time. My favorite towels have to be the Pottery Barn Organic towels in white, but I also recently discovered the Project 62 + Nate Berkus towels from Target, and I am really impressed with the fluffiness! They are also on sale right now, so you need to snatch a few! I like to provide one hand towel per guest, so each has their own to dry their face + hands. And, I make sure there are plenty of matching wash cloths, too!

Clean Sheets + Comfy Mattress

I am no good without a full and comfortable night’s sleep, so I always want to make sure my guests get clean sheets and a comfy mattress! I don’t love spending a ton of money on expensive mattresses. I don’t go total cheapo on the mattress, but I also don’t buy top of the line. I keep it in the mid-range, and I add a fabulous mattress topper, like this one on Amazon. My guests always say they don’t want to go home because my beds are so comfy! I also make sure the sheets are clean (duh!) but again, great sheets don’t have to cost you tons of money! I found these through another influencer, and decided to give them a try. I was SHOCKED by how soft these sheets are! The price is amazing, so there is no reason why you can’t get them for all of your beds! The sheets are linked here!

Welcome Basket

I leave a small Welcome Basket on my guest’s bed. I add a couple of personal touches, and some miscellaneous items to the basket. I include a hand-written welcome note, a magazine, the book I’m currently reading, an eye mask, extra toothbrush, an exfoliating scrub, protein bars, bottled water, and a bar of great smelling soap. Just a few items that they may have forgotten, and wouldn’t be able to run out to the store right away for. Your guests will be so appreciative of this small gesture!


For guests that are driving or flying into town, I always want to make sure I have a small snack on hand. If I don’t have time to make something, I will grab some chips & salsa. For Thanksgiving guests, I plan to make some Pumpkin Fluff (recipe linked) with Ginger Snaps, Vanilla Wafers, and assorted fruits for my visitors to munch on. I always ensure that my snack option works for kids, too!


There are a few non-essential items that I keep on hand! I will have a couple of nightlights on hand in case my guests want to plug them in. I am also a total lamp person (no overhead lighting, please!) so I have lamps in every guest room. If we’re in colder months, I make sure there are extra blankets available.

So there you have it – my top five hacks for hosting overnight guests! I know you have some great ideas, and I would love to hear them! What are your plans for your Thanksgiving guests? What will you eat the night before the big meal? That always leaves me stumped! I look forward to hearing your ideas!!! Let me know in the comments!

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