Halloween Memories

Halloween holds so many special memories for me. As a young girl, I remember dressing up and trick-or-treating with my parents and my little sisters. That was before the days of trunk or treats and fall festivals. It was the door to door in our neighborhood, ringing the doorbell, waiting with expectation, and wondering which of our neighbors would give out the most – and best – candy?

Inevitably, me and my sisters would end up fighting about something. Whether it was who was wearing the best costume, or who got the most candy. You know, the really important things in life!

When I was growing up in the 90’s, I remember that we rented costumes. I don’t know if that’s a thing still, now that we have Amazon and Party City. But it really was a good idea! Your kids will most likely only wear that costume once or twice, so I’m thinking maybe we should bring back the whole costume rental idea!

Here I am as a pumpkin! That is my mom on the right. I was about 10 months old.

When I was 7, I dressed up as a mermaid. Up until that time, I had begged my mom to let me wear blush. The answer was always no. But that year, something changed. When I put on that mermaid costume, I felt like a grown up. So I got up the nerve to ask my mom once again: “Mommy, can I wear blush?” I had prepared myself for the same answer I always heard, but to my surprise, my mom answered, “Yes, baby. Just this once.”

As I swiped the blush brush across my 7 year old cheek, I felt so beautiful. I am sure that I stood a little taller that evening. I had the costume, my hair done in a perfectly coiffed bun, and that blush added just the color and sparkle my little heart was craving.

Trick or treating as an adult is really just as fun now that I have children. I think it has to do with having a romantic personality. The very IDEA of Halloween is charming. I just love getting to have this time with my kids, picking out their costumes, dressing up, and taking them door to door. The highlight of my night is seeing my kid’s faces light up when they get the special candy they love, laughing when they get spooked by the creepy Halloween decoration our neighbor has, and watching how excited they are as they trot from one house to the next.

An added blessing for us this year is that our kids don’t have school the day after Halloween. Once we’re done trick or treating, I plan to get them bathed and in their Halloween pj’s, cuddled on the couch next to Josh and I, watching a Halloween movie! Last year, I tried this with the movie Hocus Pocus, but it was a little too scary, so I turned it off. This year, I will try something a little more kid-friendly!

As I think about Halloween, I wonder if some of the reasons I love it so much are the same reasons I love my job. Dressing up, wearing makeup, standing a little bit taller because you love your outfit and you feel pretty…that’s why I love my job! I have said before that it’s not about the clothes; it’s about the women wearing the clothes. I believe that with my whole heart! When I help a woman feel confident & beautiful, it makes my heart smile!

I would love to hear about your Halloween! Please tell me your favorite Halloween memories in the comments, and share with me your Halloween plans! I hope you have some fun adventures with your kids and family tonight!

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