Fall Bucket List

The autumn season evokes feelings of home, family and comfort. I get so excited about everything that fall brings: the pumpkin patches, the fall festivals, and Halloween!  It’s all so fun, and I adore celebrating these moments with my kids.

Jameson turned three over the summer, and he’s talking more and more each day.  The kid loooovvves to be outside. Juliette is five, and kindergarten is her jam this year. She’s been doing all of the fun fall projects at school, and she’s loving every minute! They are looking forward to dressing up for Halloween and trick-or-treating in just a couple of weeks.

Before Halloween hits, I want to plan some fun family activities. We get so busy in our daily lives, and recently, I have been struck with the fact that my kids won’t be little forever. There will come a day when they won’t want to decorate a pumpkin with me or go trick-or-treating. I am determined to create some unforgettable memories this fall and into the holiday season! I have already warned Josh that he’ll have to go with us on Saturdays to some of these events, but I did promise to have him home in time to catch Saturday afternoon football!

I decided to make a Fall Family Bucket List! I only put 10 things on the list because let’s face it – we are all so busy! Will we get to do everything on this list?  Probably not. The goal is to do at least three! I thought I would share it with you so that you can try some with your family, too. No matter where you live, or what season of life you’re in, you can do something from this list!  

Recently, I bought a few small pumpkins, paint supplies, and stickers for Juliette and Jameson to decorate their own pumpkins. It was inexpensive as the pumpkins cost just a few dollars, and we already had some paint on hand. I grabbed some fall stickers at Hobby Lobby and surprised the kids after school. They couldn’t believe I let them paint inside the house! And honestly, I doubted myself a few times.

Juliette was very meticulous as she drew on her pumpkin. Jameson, on the other hand . . . let’s just say things got a little stressful with him and the paint! I took a deep breath and reminded myself that, although they might induce a minor heart attack, these moments are so very worth it. They painted and chose their stickers and were so excited to show Daddy what they had created when he got home.

It’s moments like these that I will take with me forever. It’s those small moments when I decide that for my kids, I can’t be tired. Yes, I may have had a hard and busy day. I was running everywhere, but then I stopped to think of my little Juliette with her eyes wide with wonder, her ponytail curled slightly in the back, and those natural blonde highlights we all envy. I thought of my sweet little boyfriend, Jameson, whom let me just say, I have a major crush on. I saw their faces all lit up as they painted their little creations. To anyone looking from the outside, the small pumpkins with messy paint and stickers stuck all over them in odd places wouldn’t have looked like much, but to me, they were more beautiful than any masterpiece hanging on a museum wall.

I included decorating pumpkins on the Fall Family Bucket List. I would love to hear how your experience is! If you take pictures, make sure to use the hashtag #lovealison so I can enjoy them with you!

 There are some other things on the list to get you inspired. I haven’t tried all of them yet, but here’s a little hint . . . the pumpkin bread recipe will be coming soon to the blog! You’ll be able to make three loaves of the yummiest pumpkin bread you’ve ever tasted; keep one loaf, and give two away!  

  If you don’t have small kids, grab your sister, your bestie, or your boyfriend! Make a commitment to share some memorable moments with your friends + family this fall! 

Click on the image to download! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #lovealison when you go out on your fall adventures!


  • I want to steal my grands (Allison, 6 and Levi,5) away and help them make homemade Christmas ornaments. Then, we will paint hands and feet making them reindeer paintings from their little deer –and YaYa too! 😊

  • Hope this is okay – but we made a “grandparent” fall bucket list- Checked off Hayrides, corn maze, sack slides, petting zoos, attended a church Fall festive, picked pumpkins, play in piles of leaves, Saturday-patio cheering football fun & sleep overs with scary bedtime stories. Next & Hoping for a Bonfire night with Pumpkin painting & snack on peanut butter apple smiles they create & go on several backyard flashlight ghost hunts (hidden suckers dressed like ghost) of course prep for Halloween night . Favorite time of year – Fall Fun. I Love having grandkids, nieces &

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