Let’s be Messy Together

Hey, y’all! This is the first post of my new blog! Check it out and watch for more posts coming your way! Let’s LEARN together!

I have been hinting for several weeks that there is something new coming to Jules & James Boutique!  We do have many things planned, and I am finally ready to let you in on our first surprise!

You have all become so much more to me than “customers.”  I consider each and every one of you my personal friend! Even if I’ve never met you, I feel that we have bonded through a mutual love of top-notch boutique clothing and accessories! I love sharing my life with you; my favorite thing is when I meet women that thank me for being real or for not being perfect.  You know I’m not anywhere near perfect; most mornings, we’re rushing out the door in a flurry of activity, yelling at each other from downstairs to upstairs. The kids may not have matching shoes on, and I’m in my gym clothes. Y’all – this is REAL! And you know what? It’s OKAY!

It’s hard to see women that seem to have it all together, and it tends to make us feel inadequate ourselves. That’s why I’ve decided to SHARE MORE with you! Let’s do this together.  Let’s be messy moms together. Let’s be nagging wives together. Let’s be hot messes together. At the same time, let’s LEARN together! I want to be better, and I bet you do too! I don’t mean in a beat yourself up kind of way but in an “imperfect progress” kind of way.  

Jules & James Boutique is working towards becoming an exceptional boutique; we desire to be the first place you shop! As we take steps in that direction, I want to remain close to you. I don’t want to lose the bond we’ve created.  

I will be sharing with you things I’m learning – in my spiritual life, in my personal life, in my family life. In the days and weeks ahead, you’ll see me sharing anything from devotionals to recipes, from fashion ideas to make up tips. I will share with you holiday traditions, decorating inspiration, and fun ideas for your kids! 

This is a two-way street. I want you to share with me, too!  Let me know what you think about what I’m sharing! I want to hear ideas of what you want me to share with you! Like I said, I want to take this journey with YOU!  Let’s LEARN & SHARE together … and let’s admit when we totally fail! Together, let’s get up, dust ourselves off, and keep going! 

This is going to be so FUN! Here’s to the future … and here’s to US! 


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